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by Absinthius

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After five years in the shadows, a dark horse of the New Zealand metal scene emerges in Melbourne, Australia under the guise of "Absinthius". His debut solo-album "IX" is a ferocious aural assault and a vividly illustrated journey into the lowest circle of Hell, themed entirely on "Inferno" from "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri. This masterfully crafted composition is a swirling maelstrom of mind-melting intricacy, showcasing skin-blistering speed and technicality. Riffs of lumbering sludge and spine-severing slam are cut by a bleak ambiance and passages of droning symphonic interludes. Guest artist Josh Sagar delivers a phenomenally blood-curdling vocal performance throughout the album, wickedly incarnating the demonic voices of the underworld.

"IX" delivers a nostalgic overview of the evolution of modern metal over the last nine years, containing the bones of songs written for a catalogue of projects and collaborations, fused seamlessly with a deluge of all new material. Vocal lines were recorded by Lewis Noke-Edwards over numerous sessions at SAE in South Melbourne.

Godfrey Atlantis superbly illustrates the beasts and minions of the Inferno with astonishing digital artwork, brought to life in print and available only with the Limited Edition Compact Disc (50 copies only).

This behemoth of a record is best experienced in its entirety through quality headphones, on a dark and stormy night, accompanied by a bottle of absinthe and a roaring fire...


released June 6, 2016

Music and lyrics by Paul Blomfield
Vocals by Josh Sagar
Vocals recorded by Lewis Noke-Edwards at SAE South Melbourne
Mixed and Mastered by Paul Blomfield



all rights reserved


Absinthius Melbourne, Australia

Extreme Metal
Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Abandon All Hope
"I am the way to the city of woe
I am the way to eternal pain
I endure forever
Abandon all hope you who enter here"
Track Name: Of Wasps and Worms
Beneath the gate of doom;
Through the portal to the land of pain.
My passage paved between the plains of fate.

No stratosphere above.
Nothing of the stars.
The void obscured by murk as thick as oil.

My perceptions assaulted
By the stink and the howls.
I cowered at the maw of Abaddon.

Hordes of cursed spirits
Sprinting left and right
Never a moment of respite.

Through streaks
And clots of blood
I glimpsed the whites of eyes
And tongues in mouths ajar
In frenzied screams.

The chase was made
By swarms of angry vespids;
Stings and jaws stained claret.

The sap that oozed
From penetrated skin
Fell heavy to the ground
Nectar to sate
The pulsing mass
Of ravenous worms
With gaping gullets.

Feeding frenzy.

Eternal torment in the Valley of Insects
Blood on the shores of Acheron.

The suffering beneath, I feared,
Would drive my soul to crave
That I could be the fare of wasps and worms.
Track Name: The Carnal Tempest


A swirling maelstrom stretches
Between two distant shores;
An ocean of the sour tears
Of concubines and whores.

The Tides of Aphrodisia;
The ever-wretched surge;
A cesspool of the wanton sins
Of malefactors purged.

The fury of the air above
Has never known respite.
It thrashes and it lurches
In a sky of ceaseless night.

Swayed by sins of flesh in life,
The fervent are condemned
To soar upon the tempest
In discord that knows no end.


Slaves unto the power of the wind.

From North to South they heave,
Dismembered by colliding limbs.
Their desperate crying muffled
By the tumultuous winds.

As leaves in Autumn shatter,
So do their brittle bones;
The salacious adulterers
Trapped within cyclones.

Track Name: Vile Deluge
Clouds of filth throb overhead,
Weeping tears of muck.
Veins of lightning fracture the air
And thunder snarls in the black.

From horizon to the void,
Sickly fields of glut;
Simmering marshes of virulence,
Eternal pools of slush.

At a glance, they resemble not men, but beasts,
Wallowing in their own waste.
Swine of Sheol, drowning in discharge,
Dehumanized and debased.

No pity for the ravenous.
No pity for the voracious.

Eyeless bovine piled three-deep in the mud,
Each only aware of himself.
Sightless, abandoned, they suffer alone,
Forever consuming the smut.

Upon a carpet of their bloated corpses
Strides the Wolf.
The abhorrent Behemoth;
Hydra Bitch of Gluttony.

Heads are cleaved from spines
And pulpous flesh is ripped away.
Limbless torsos slosh
In mounds of suppurating meat.
Six eyes scour the rotten mess;
Claws and teeth destroy.

The beast of the third circle;
Bloodthirst incarnate.
All fear Cerberus;

Fear the Great Worm;
Triad of hounds;
The canine malevolent.
Track Name: The Mire of Wrath
Of tears and pain and filth
A blackened current gushes hence.
It seeps beneath the surface
Of the barren soil.

Spreads amongst the valleys,
Turns the ground to liquid rot.
Behold, the tendrils
Of the vile Stygian Marsh.

Here, the wrathful
Rend each other limb from limb.

They grapple to the death
In frenzied fits of violence.

The sullen choke on sludge
And swallow putrescence below.
The seething of their sighs
Evokes a foam upon the moor.
Gargling hymns of sloth
Inside their gullets, they repent.

Above the sprawling bog,
The walls of Dis loom high.
The gate to Lower Hell
Forever shut to all but ghosts.

Atop the ancient monolith
Four vulgar witches perch.
The Furies and Medusa;
Shrieking demons of the swamp.

Possessed by paroxysms
They lament against the Gods.

With gruesome talons tear
The scaly skin from their own chests.

The city of woe awaits.
Track Name: Interred Aflame
The Pompous Tyrant
Casts the Heretics to Hell.

Supremacy hidden by a mask of purity.
"O Lord, we beg;
Spare our souls from suffering."

The throne of light
Adorned in thorns.
The wired jaw
Of the free thinking man.

The netherward spiral
Is pockmarked with tombs.
The punishment for wisdom
Is six feet of flames.

Oh, what an ironic
Deity to revere.
Who lies through His Left Hand
And smites with a white-knuckled fist.

Praise be.
He opens His arms
To the wandering lamb.
The promise of the shepherd
As hollow as their skulls.
His staff is a scythe
At the mark of the goat.

Forgive Me.
For I was once callow;
I followed your flock
My sin was naivety;
For this I repent.
Dethrone, dethrone,
Dethrone the counterfeit King.

I bathe in fire and brimstone
And the Book of Lies burns with me.

I would rather pledge my death to the Beast
Than waste a lifetime in the service of deceit.

Set my pyre in the circle of the sane.
May the Archfiend reign.
Track Name: From Igneous Veins
The violent boil in a river of blood.
Blistered skin, disfigured faces;
Seared flesh
Pulled from bone by the ruby tide.

Hooves on the banks;
Ten thousand beasts.
Bolts rain down
On the flailing wraiths.

Woe for the warlords.
Misery for murderers.
Unforgiving is the Blade of Justice.

The helicoid corridor loops on itself
Southward the current flows
A crimson ring encircling the dismal wood.

Demi-human screams;
Winged banshees swoop and dive
Between the onyx leaves.

Rabid mongrels weave
Through noxious briars
And twisted trees.

Press your ear against the mangled skin
Hear the murmuring within
Suicides shed their bodies for eternity
Rip the bark from the limb
Sanguine resin seeps upon the soil;
Anchoring their serpentine roots.

Violence and hate.
The inward facing blade.
Here hang your noose upon the boughs.
On violence and hate.
The outward shining scorn.
Here hang your shell amongst the thorns.

And then beyond the fringe of the forest.
A chasm in the sky.
A torrent of flames upon the molten earth.

Spit upon the face of God.

"Like the rest, we shall fetch our empty skins
But we will never put them on again
We shall trail our bodies here
To be hung upon the trees of this most dismal wood
Each on the thorns of its tormented shade"
Track Name: Impious Majesty
"Look, here is Dis
The emperor of that realm of despair towered above the ice
One head wearing three faces
Two wings spread from under each
He wept from all six eyes
Down all three chins poured tears that mingled with a bloody foam
All sorrow may well issue from Him."